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Sat., June 7, 2014, midnight

Study VA vouchers

I always find Gary Crooks thought-provoking and sometimes I agree with his point of view. However, the column of May 25 is confounding, even after several readings.

Crooks makes sport of the suggestion that the VA issue vouchers. In fact, the VA has a poorly advertised policy that already allows issuance of vouchers. Few veterans are aware or made aware of this option. Further, there is no evidence going to a full voucher system would be any more expensive than the current VA system.

Going to vouchers would require study, transition time and disposition of the myriad VA facilities. It’s worth study and consideration. We can’t assume what it would do to cost, access or quality of care. Certainly the VA system has been broken for decades.

This isn’t about the dedicated professionals and staff. It’s about self-serving administrators, their fraudulent reporting, improper oversight and no accountability.

Mentioning deaths from mistakes in medicine I guess implies vets are better on a waiting list than under care.

John McTear

Coeur d’Alene

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