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Sun., June 8, 2014

Close STA Plaza

The STA Plaza never worked, and never will. It should be abandoned. It is a nuisance in its location. It interferes with traffic flow and causes dangerous situations. This would free up space for commercial development.

We don’t need two transit centers. They need to be consolidated. Create a bus mall in front of the train station with shelters like they have by Lewis and Clark High School.

Make it like a village square. Don’t be afraid of the cost. Spend what is needed to create a quality product rather than cutting corners and ending up with something that doesn’t work.

Get rid of the staggered schedule. It wastes people’s time. People want to get to their destination. They don’t want to hang out downtown. We end up hanging out on the street so we don’t miss our bus.

When the schedules were synchronized, we could move from bus to bus quickly and be on our way. We also could anticipate when to catch a bus without having to make a phone call.

Change the “authority” to a “service.” We have too many authorities telling us what to do. We need services to serve us instead of the other way.

Charlie Greenwood


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