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Sun., June 8, 2014, midnight

Narrow political frame

Government authority to deceive is a fundamental question for democracy. Dave Hamer’s June 4 letter describes an “Orwellian crisis.” Unfortunately, his opinion is two-dimensional, asserting the debate as liberals versus conservatives.

Americans are becoming aware of a tremendous government deception perpetrated by conservatives like former Vice President Dick Cheney. The deception and intrusion of government has been maintained under liberals like President Barack Obama.

A crisis exists, but not between conservatives and liberals. Our political debate has too long been held hostage by this inadequate distinction. Government intrusion and deception is not liberal versus conservative, it is the divide between authoritarians and libertarians; those who love control and order versus those who love freedom and individuality.

There is a profound difference in the political ideology of Cheney and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, yet they are fairly described as conservatives. The same is true of the opinions of Obama and Ralph Nader.

Political ideologies are oversimplified. Nader and Paul likely have more in common on authoritarian policies, while Cheney and Obama may share a shockingly similar stance on executive authority.

Hamer is right to raise concerns about government, but his frame of reference resembles another Orwellian concept: “Doublespeak.”

David Loebach


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