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Sun., June 8, 2014, midnight

Reform arbitration

I sympathize with Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich after the latest slap in his face. Here we have a man in a position of authority to delegate responsibilities, assignments and disciplinary actions and who is continually overruled by others who aren’t in his position.

I believe Deputy Scott Kenoyer’s dalliances and subsequent lying is just another example of the lack of common sense the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) exhibits when it comes to disciplining errant public servants. In any other job sector, termination would have been immediate and irrevocable. Knezovich needs the public’s support to carry out his duties as he sees fit.

I believe it’s time for the voters to initiate a bill that would limit an arbitrator’s authority to reinstate law-breaking public servants when it is clear they have violated the standards they have been held to by oath. Citizens cannot be expected to have respect for the law when its representatives violate their own rules and regulations, and then get off without any punishment and get paid for it. It’s just not right in any way.

Jeff Nelson


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