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Support Initiative 1329

I never thought I would ever say this, but “Thank you, Monsanto,” for reminding us why getting Initiative 1329 on the ballot here in Washington is so important. Our signature-gathering campaign has only until June 25 to gather signatures, and this is just what we needed to get the word out and motivate people to sign, volunteer and do whatever it takes to get this on the ballot.

Vermont is working to be the first state to require genetically modified (engineered) organism labeling on foods sold in the state. It has been reported that Monsanto, the world’s largest producer of GMOs, is getting ready to sue the state of Vermont, claiming that it would be a violation of their recent U.S. Supreme Court-obtained right to freedom of speech.

I-1329 is looking to restore civil rights to the people, and limit the big money that is influencing our politics and elections. When Congress is unwilling, two-thirds of the states can band together to demand change. If we can get I-1329 on the ballot and pass it in November, we will be the 17th state to pass this important legislation.

We need your help.

Stacy Cossey



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