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Don’t censor denials

A June 6 letter calls for The Spokesman-Review to stop publishing letters from global warming deniers. This is censorship in a nation of free speech.

As an independent progressive, I believe such deniers are willfully ignoring objective science and do not care about the diminished quality of life their descendants will have if nothing is done about global warming. They are not willing to make sacrifices for future generations of Americans. This is a recipe for human extinction.

Yet deniers are entitled to their wrong opinions. Should this newspaper censor their letters, it will put itself in the same league as the right-wing noise machine currently condemning the president of the United States and Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl before any investigation brings forth the facts.

It is a fact the same hypocrites would condemn President Obama should he do nothing about bringing that soldier home.

While I don’t like the letters denying global warming, The Spokesman-Review should not indulge in censorship by not publishing them. This newspaper is not a scientific journal. Its Letters to the Editor must reflect the opinions of all, even self-centered fools.

Duwane Huffaker



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