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Mon., June 9, 2014

Support climate solutions

In North America, we will be taking long-term action at the state level to come up with ways to reduce carbon emissions, and I am relieved and yet aware of economic external forces and possible loss of employment for a few. In the long run, we all win with a clean environment. And there will be new green economies and plenty of work.

And space for our grandkids to live and prosper, because if we lose what is clean and healthy about Washington, we are done.

We can choose to take away from President Obama’s action on this matter that it is time to act, and we are all a part of the problem of air contamination and energy plant pollution when we drive or use fossil fuels for any creature comfort. No problem, as we can fix this and slow climate change.

Don’t let the Koch brothers’ propaganda or any industry tell you differently. Now is past time to wake up and smell the coffee, and work toward sustainable goals.

Doug Leonetti


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