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Tue., June 10, 2014

Freeze the misinformation

Listen up, America. Admission to heaven does not have anything to do with how much money you have accumulated, what color your skin is, what country you happen to have been born in, what religion you happen to subscribe to, or what flag you wave. It does not matter how loud you shout other people down when you have a different opinion. Being right only applies to benefiting other people as much as or more than yourself.

All cultures rise and fall, as the United States surely will. It is what we leave behind that will make the difference about the good or bad of what we have done. The Earth’s climate is being destroyed.

Attention, Christians. We must stop worshipping money as a god and worshipping those who accumulate money as being better than others that live life without robbing from others.

It is time for The Spokesman-Review to stop deliberately misinforming the public by giving climate deniers any credibility and suppressing accurate scientific research that is showing that it is not humans that are destroying our world, but the corporations that are making billions of dollars by lying to an easily misled public.

People, look to real scientists, not paid shills working for our corporate masters.

David Randall


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