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Tue., June 10, 2014

Voluminous venom spewed

Too much venom will kill the snake. Mona Charen, the spitting cobra of the radical right, should be careful. She, along with many other right-wing nuts, has been trying to drown President Obama in a torrent of spiteful criticism for five years. Yet, he lives on.

Although he is far from perfect, he is much better than the guy the Supreme Court appointed in 2000. Since his election, by popular and electoral vote, Obama has endured a constant barrage of lies: Donald Trump’s birther baloney, Sarah Palin’s death panel scare tactics, accusations of him being a Muslim; an honorary member of al-Qaida. And the latest desperate attempt to smear him and, possibly, our next president: Benghazi.

The right wing is carelessly spitting venom, and it is getting all over their faces. We, the people, have noticed.

Stanley Carpenter

Spokane Valley

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