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Wed., June 11, 2014

Don’t forget the codes

The alleged backdating of Spokane County documents is a symptom of our county commissioners’ forget-the-codes, let’s-build attitude. Our neighborhood will soon plead its case in Superior Court.

What is at issue, you may ask? How about a road that meets the county’s written code, a wetland buffer that meets the county’s Critical Areas Ordinance, and for the simplest of all wishes – you guessed it – sidewalks that are required by code.

Our commissioners don’t seem to understand that the existing codes ensure responsible, not reckless, development of our county. In light of the glaring lack of respect given to the existing written codes by the commissioners, we applaud Rick Eichstaedt of the Center for Justice and the four brave Spokane City Council members who are standing up to the tactics of our politically entrenched commissioners.

Russell English


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