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Wed., June 11, 2014

The right to rail

In response to “Extremists sully U.S. flag” (April 24), which stated that the people do not have the right to rail against the federal government, insisting it is absolute:

According to our Founding Fathers and in the words of President Abraham Lincoln, “America is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” The federal government is a body of servants elected by the people to represent and do the will of the people in accord with the Constitution of the United States and not the Constitution of the federal government only.

If the people observe these servants doing otherwise, we not only have the right to rail, we also have an obligation. The U.S. flag and Constitution represent all of the people and only those members of the federal government who are acting in accord with the will of the people as it aligns with the Constitution.

All others are domestic enemies to rail and defend against. America is a democracy, not a socialist state.

Andy Ferrera


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