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The Slice: Slug Bug game shattered record for road trip

Fri., June 13, 2014, midnight

We get accustomed to being able to find just about anything on the Internet.

So maybe it’s understandable that sometimes our expectations are unrealistic.

Alas, my Google search on “slack-jawed little girl in another car with whom I made knowing eye contact on the New York State Thruway during an exhausting summer vacation road trip in 1965” did not produce any relevant hits.

But it’s only 2014. Maybe search technology will improve.

Perhaps if I try again next year, I will learn all sorts of things about that fleetingly encountered kindred spirit.

“Her name is Elizabeth Buck and, like you, she was 10 years old that summer. At the moment you made eye contact, her parents were hissing at each other in the front seat of their station wagon and her banshee little sister was loudly accusing her of unauthorized touching.”

Which would simply make me even more curious.

“Her family was on its way to Niagara Falls and then on to Grandma Johnson’s place in Wisconsin for a big meetup with the cousins. During that drive from their home in New Hampshire, Elizabeth’s 9-year-old brother Chuck punched her in the shoulder on 154 occasions while her 6-year-old sister Debbie accused her 76 times of “Lookin’ on me!”

Of course, I would want to know how she is doing today.

“Elizabeth Buck, the manager of a bank branch in a mall, lives with her husband of 31 years outside Sacramento, California. None of their three children or four grandchildren has ever seen Niagara Falls.”

Today’s Slice question: What did you look like when your conjunctivitis was at its worst? A) Some kind of angry mutant. B) Spawn of Satan. C) Pretty in pink. D) As if your eyes had been gouged out. E) Bob Costas hosting TV coverage of the Winter Olympics. F) A pro wrestler from about 1970 who had smeared on fake blood after supposedly being raked across the eyes by an unsportsmanlike opponent secretly wielding a foreign object. G) Like someone seeing red. H) Other.

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