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Sat., June 14, 2014, midnight

Can U.S. save itself?

When we entered the war after Pearl Harbor, our country changed human history. Many believe we saved the world. Now, it may be time for major foreign nations to save us from ourselves. Our country is so equally divided and our government so dysfunctional, the entire process is failing. We need a serious threat to our economy from abroad to force our president and Congress to act with responsible wisdom for the greater good.

It is a sad commentary that they both run from complicated issues growing worse, e.g. gun violence, mental health, failing schools, global warming, unemployment and Obamacare, to name a few. What if all those nations that we saved from destruction told their folks to stay home and spend their money, rather than come here and face gun violence in our hospitals, movie theaters, shopping malls, airports, grade and high schools, college campuses, or while in line for a Starbucks or a Big Mac?

How can our nation that saved the world from Adolf Hitler not have the courage and desire to save itself from slow destruction? Is the problem the people we elect, or us, or both?

Robert Banta

Liberty Lake

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