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The Slice: It might be time to run some changes up the pole

Sat., June 14, 2014, midnight

Today The Slice presents a highly subjective ranking of the state flags.

You are invited to track down images of the banners and then draw up your own list.

50. Mississippi. (That war is over.) 49. Alabama. (Same.) 48. Florida. (Putting great seal at center is uninspired.)

47. Illinois. (Looks like grade-school art.) 46. Indiana. (Requires a lot of explanation.) 45. Iowa. (A bit wordy.)

44. Kansas. (Too much wasted space.) 43. Kentucky. (Seems like an early draft.) 42. Vermont. (Should mention syrup.)

41. Connecticut. (Also requires a lot of explanation.) 40. Idaho. (Does it grab you?) 39. Louisiana. (Sometimes pelicans aren’t enough.)

38. Massachusetts. (Idea/execution gap.) 37. Minnesota. (State seal problem.) 36. Montana. (State seal problem.)

35. Missouri. (Even bears can’t save it.) 34. Nebraska. (State seal problem.) 33. Virginia. (This might appeal to haters of government.)

32. New Jersey. (Coat of arms doesn’t translate.) 31. Oklahoma. (It’s OK.) 30. Wisconsin. (Looks like junior high art.)

29. New Hampshire. (Should have gone with “Live Free or Die.”) 28. North Dakota. (So-so.) 27. Nevada. (Don’t bet on it.)

26. West Virginia. (Looks like quilt.) 25. Utah. (“Industry” is interesting choice.) 24. South Dakota. (I can’t remember it.)

23. Pennsylvania. (Too much.) 22. North Carolina. (Texas flag is better.) 21. Georgia. (Improvement on its predecessor.)

20. Delaware. (Good ingredients but a bit busy.) 19. Maine. (Has moose.) 18. Arkansas. (Looks like a 1940s product label.)

17. Oregon. (Beaver on reverse makes it.) 16. Washington. (A familiar face.) 15. Hawaii. (Looks like an actual flag.)

14. New York. (“Excelsior” is a fine word.) 13. Rhode Island. (Anchors aweigh.) 12. Michigan. (Antlers.)

11. Maryland. (Elegant.) 10. Tennessee (As seen in “Animal House.”) 9. South Carolina. (Childlike.)

8. Texas. (Nice and simple.) 7. Colorado. (Same.) 6. Wyoming. (Has bison.)

5. Ohio. (Unique.) 4. Arizona. (Always liked it.) 3. New Mexico. (Enchanting simplicity.)

2. California. (Has a bear.) 1. Alaska. (Looking up.)

Today’s Slice question: Can you spot rash-causing plants?

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