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Woman reports she punched boyfriend

Sat., June 14, 2014

A series of mostly minor calls kept Liberty Lake police officers busy the week of June 2-9. One woman even made it easy on officers by calling in and reporting that she had committed a crime.

The woman called from the 21000 block of East County Vista Drive on June 5 to report that her boyfriend was refusing to leave. “She told us that she punched him, so she was arrested,” said Police Chief Brian Asmus.

A strange theft was reported at the Zip Trip in the 22000 block of East Appleway on June 6. An employee reported that a woman in a newer Ford pickup had stolen two cases of water valued at $9.98. A partial license plate number was given to police. “They were probably thirsty,” Asmus said. “It was hot out that day.”

Other calls from June 2 to 9.

June 4: A man hitting the ignition of a car with a hammer was reported at Harvard Road and Indiana Avenue. He told the officer that it was his girlfriend’s car and the key had broken off. Ownership of the car was verified.

June 5: A resident in the 19000 block of East Caufield Avenue reported that someone had stolen a bicycle valued at $250 from his open garage.

June 6: A neighbor reported seeing two boys using a ladder to climb into the window of a home in the 100 block of North Garry Drive. One of the boys told police that he lived there and was locked out. An officer contacted the homeowners, who said they had left town for the weekend and changed the locks so their son couldn’t throw a party.

June 7: A vehicle prowl was reported in the 24000 block of East Hawkstone Loop. The owner reported $475 worth of items missing and that a knife was found on the driver’s seat.

Two locked bicycles valued at $490 were reported stolen in the 22000 block of East Country Vista Drive.

June 8: An argument was reported in the 21000 block of East Bitterroot Lane. Both the man and the woman were uncooperative, but it appeared that no crime had occurred.

A vehicle prowl was reported in the 24000 block of East Cataldo Court.

Arrests: There were five arrests for driving with a suspended license and two for driving under the influence.

Citations: Officers handed out three citations for speeding. Additional citations were given for expired vehicle registration, failure to show proof of liability insurance and unsafe/improper backing.

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