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SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014

Graduation disappointing

I attended my grandson’s graduation ceremony from Deer Park Middle School. At first, this looked like any normal assembly. As things progressed, a liberal agenda, an elitist mentality, was evident.

First students who received a “B” stood up, then the “B”-pluses and then the straight “A’s” stood up. From a sociology point of view, they might have had all the other students stand up and say “these are our failures.” Fact is, the teachers failed these students.

No mention was made of the most improved students: those who began with an “F” and now have a “C,” and worked harder than the “A” student. Often, parents help “A” students work. Now, I do not want to belittle “A” students. As an observation, it is not the “A” student who succeeds in life, but those who struggle to improve who make the real grade.

Where were these students honored? This sexist-favored event focused on the female students. I would point out that at the eighth-grade level a female student matures mentally quicker than a male. All children are achievers, and need to be respected and honored for how they approach life problems.

I give Deer Park Middle School an “F.”

Norman Patton


Regarding the new parking meters on Eighth Avenue and South Bernard: Who forgot to send notices? There was no notice to either residents, management companies or owners for any of the buildings in the Eighth and Bernard block.

The city has burned a hole in businesses that operate apartments in this area. People will move. Who will replace them? People who have little other choice. What will they pay to rent here? Less and less because of the unfavorable conditions the city has created.

Older buildings, less affluent clientele, more rapid turnover, fewer applicants rejected for background checks. The units have to be filled somehow. Growing crime in the neighborhood; again fewer nice people applying and the current residents fleeing. Is this how the city supports business in this city?

Did officials really want to create another Otis Hotel? By the time this is published, it will have already begun. Fait accompli! We’re stuck with it. I doubt the city will bend to public will for one small neighborhood. Nor will they pay for workers to un-install these meters.

No democratic process, no public input or oversight. None! This is an epic fail for Spokane government! Election time will come!

Janice Mancke


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