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Military needs transition

When Froma Harrop wrote June 7 of the coal country overdue for transition, she could have well expanded her column to include a vast number of military installations and industries serving the military.

When hawks like Charles Krauthammer and Robert Samuelson scold the administration, and the hawks in Congress legislate funds for weapons that the Pentagon doesn’t want, they forget that the country is getting weary of nearly a century of this war mentality. Why not amend the United Nations charter to do away with the Security Council and let the United Nations police the world instead of the United States?

Of course, that would significantly reduce profiteering by the war industries, close military bases and eliminate jobs, resulting in the kind of howl heard from the coal industry.

What if we found that we really did not need all those Boeing Company tanker planes?

We have already heard about the threat to Spokane’s economy caused by the tribe’s plans to build a casino near Fairchild Air Force Base. Does the nation really need that air base?

What would Jesus say?

Joseph Wythe



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