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Pot facility unwelcome

The Washington State Liquor Control Board licensed a marijuana grow/process facility at North Forker Road and Highway 206.

KXLY interviewed the owner, Frank Schade, who said he wanted to be a good neighbor. Seems like this is closing the barn door after the horse left. Evidently, the potential growers on the West Plains met with the locals in that area regarding their intentions. Wouldn’t a prudent good neighbor meet with the community before this business started operating?

It might not be a positive meeting, considering that a majority in our community voted against Initiative 502. The owner doesn’t live in the community, so the deduction is that the almighty dollar was his priority, not a good neighbor relationship. The Mount Spokane community is close-knit, but affords privacy and respect of neighbors.

Regarding the money spent by the growers: Was any consideration given the community investment in land, improvements, etc., plus taxes, for the privilege of living in a beautiful rural area not exposed to federally illegal issues?

By removing the dollar signs from his eyes, the facility’s owner would see what respect for our beautiful area and neighborhood really means.

Our community should be associated with recreation, not recreational drugs!

Linda Carverlin



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