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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

From our archives, 100 years ago

A murder mystery unfolded in a remote cabin 8 miles from Hope, Idaho, near the Green Monarch Mine.

Two old prospectors, Patrick Welch and Howard Shipley, were found dead in their cabin. Wounds on the bodies indicated that they had been shot, but it was impossible to tell for certain what kind of weapon was used because of advanced decomposition. 

Authorities had become suspicious that something had happened to the men when a boat belonging to the two prospectors drifted ashore at Hope. Nothing was found in the boat except a gun.

From the crime beat: A Spokane vocal teacher named Mrs. Lesher scared away a mysterious nighttime visitor three times in a month. 

The fourth visit was nearly deadly. She said she woke up, heard a noise, and someone shoved her violently back into her bed. She grabbed the hand of the man and scratched it trying to defend herself.

“I’ll fix you for that,” growled the intruder, who then “sunk his nails deep into her flesh in an effort to choke her.”

Mrs. Lesher passed out, and when she came to, her house was on fire. She was able to flee the house and run next door.

She had no idea what the intruder may have stolen, because most of her belongings were consumed by the fire.