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The Slice: Thriller’s drama generates comedy

Fri., June 20, 2014, midnight

Let’s start with a Slice answer.

Readers were asked where they were when “Jaws” came out in June of 1975.

Liz Schatz was at the drive-in. “It was probably only my third time to the drive-in movies ever,” she wrote. “It was my first double date and my first (innocent) necking session. So, I can’t say I saw the movie.”

But she remembers the foreboding shark soundtrack. “Whenever I hear the ‘imminent attack’ music, it reminds me of the panic I felt that my parents would find out what I was doing.”

They didn’t. But someone else did.

“I made the mistake of telling my husband about it when we were dating and it is something he teases me about on a regular basis.”

Re: Ranking state flags (Saturday’s Slice): “Paul, as a born and raised Hawkeye, I must take exception to your low ranking of the Iowa state flag,” wrote Terry J. Smith. “You may think it’s a bit wordy, but as any Iowan would tell you, that just shows how literate we Iowans are.”

Then there was this from Mary Griffith. “Paul, you should ask any of my fifth-grade students at Shiloh Hills Elementary. They make reproductions of the flags out of construction paper as part of their state reports each spring. They would say: No. 1 is Alabama – two strips of red paper and you are done! No. 2 is Alaska – same but with eight stars. Most challenging is Maryland (jousting anyone?) and the bottom of the list is any with a state seal.”

Last Friday’s Slice question prompted another question: “Was it coincidence that your question about conjunctivitis was juxtaposed to a zombie photo?” wondered Leonard Hermens.

A long-ago source of confusion: Mike Almond grew up with KREM being an ABC station and KXLY being the local CBS affiliate. Then his family moved to the other side of Washington. And, in 1976, the stations switched networks. Then Almond moved back over here.

Today’s Slice question: Ever address someone by the wrong name and realize some time later that others overheard and that the wrong moniker you employed had become that person’s nickname?

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