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Sun., June 22, 2014

EWU tradition all well

I am writing to express my frustration with Eastern Washington University’s graduation procedures. My husband graduated in the rain June 14, and it was absolutely miserable. I endured the same dreary weather for my graduation three years ago. While I empathize with those who wish to host graduation on campus, I must adamantly object to this ridiculous practice. June weather is too volatile for graduation to be held outdoors.

I do not think it is fair for EWU to subject its students, who have paid tens of thousands of dollars in tuition, or their family and friends, to the harsh conditions we were in on June 14. How is it that area high schools graduate at the INB or Spokane Arena, while EWU is too cheap to provide college students the same luxury? An indoor graduation would not only allow us to enjoy the event more, it would also prevent students from leaving as soon as they receive their diplomas.

I beg you, Eastern, to change this silly tradition, for the sake of all future students who will graduate from your institution. Let us enjoy and revel in one of the biggest days of our lives, rather than wishing we had stayed home.

Brianne Howe


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