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Tue., June 24, 2014

PreCheck troublesome

I’ve been registered in the Transportation Security Administration PreCheck for about six months now. Just so you know (and they won’t tell you), there is still some randomness to the system.

Being enrolled in the system does not guarantee you access to the quicker PreCheck line. Make sure that you register your TSA number each time when making your reservation. It was incredibly frustrating the last time I flew.

When turned away in the quick line, the TSA said it is an airline deal. When I went to the ticket counter to speak with an airline agent, they said it was a TSA program. What a shock. Can you imagine no one taking responsibility?

By the way, I’m not exactly the guy who fits a profile they’d be looking at: a 57-year-old white male. I hope it works better for others than it has for me.

Mark Silver


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