June 24, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Think independently


As election season nears, patriotism flares. Once again, we’re asked to evaluate our beliefs, the state of the nation, the world and, for most Spokesman-Review readers, the state of Washington’s 5th Congressional District.

Then we’re told to toss those thoughts in the dumpster and pick a Republican or Democrat to give 100 percent of our vote. If you only believe a portion of the blue or red platforms, pick a side. If you don’t believe in either platform, pick a side. If you’re going to vote, you pick a side. That’s politics.

One thing I’ve learned growing up in Spokane is to be an independent thinker. Here, the progressiveness of Seattle merges with the pragmatism of Idaho. You see it in the overwhelming support Spokane showed for Ron Paul in the 2012 Republican primary.

Go back further, and you see it in the defeat of Rep. Tom Foley. Spokane is full of independent thinkers, people who make their own judgments and determine their own destinies.

When the midterm primary rolls around, let’s not allow the blue money or the red money to buy our votes. Let’s think independently. Spokane is an independent city and we deserve the independent, uncorrupted representation of Dave Wilson.

Zack Cleary


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