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Wed., June 25, 2014, midnight

Divestiture is odd

The issue of divestiture of U.S. stocks doing business with the state of Israel by the Presbyterian annual assembly is absurd. When is it the policy of a major religion to indulge in condemnations of other countries?

I cannot fathom the Jewish religion judging another faith in such an incomprehensible way.

Israel is the Jewish state, and it looks like anti-Semitism cloaked in different garb.

Perhaps next year the assembly can take up boycotting the United States, which after all extracted Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California from Mexico after the Mexican War (1847). Add blackballing China, which swallowed up Tibet, and rules there with an iron fist. Append Russia for invading and swiping the Crimea from Ukraine.

Here is a ridiculous statement made by moderator Heath Rada after the vote: “In no way is this a reflection for our lack of love for our Jewish sisters and brothers.” What a weird and eccentric remark.

I would cogitate a better item on their program might be how to increase Presbyterian membership, not divide it with international politics. Worship and doctrine subjects are also more appropriate.

If John Calvin were alive today, would he approve of this Presbyterian agenda item?

Jack Abel


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