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Wed., June 25, 2014

Unfairly characterized

Members of pro-life organizations dedicated to opposing the destruction of innocent pre-born human life by abortion are unfailingly characterized by the press establishment as anti-abortion. While literally, minimally accurate, this ploy serves to cast a pall of negativity over the purposes and works of such organizations and their members.

Members of pro-abortion organizations, on the other hand, are characterized positively as promoters of abortion rights or women’s rights, the innocent unborn child’s right to continue to live being relegated to the trash bins, both literally and figuratively.

Incidentally, the hundreds of pro-life defenders of the gift of life and opponents of legalized abortion without restraint with whom I’ve become acquainted over the past 40 years have been without exception persons of positive demeanor and outlook, hating no one, least of all the unfortunate, misguided girls and women that chose to abort their babies.

But I don’t buy printers’ ink by the tank car load.

Leonard Johnson

Moscow, Idaho

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