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Fri., June 27, 2014

Bring back Mager

Dirty politics ousted Bonnie Mager, but she is willing to return to our Spokane County Commission to bring ethics back to the table.

Last week at the League of Women Voters Forum, Commissioner Al French was doing what he does best: talking out of both sides of his mouth. With his history, how does he possibly think anyone could believe a word he says? To hear him tell it, he is responsible for every job that has come to Spokane since he cheated his way into office.

He neglected to mention the $380,000 of our tax dollars he spent trying to kill the Spokane Tribe’s STEP casino project and the 5,000 jobs it will provide. He is clearly a puppet of the special interests in this town that fear competition.

We need to dump French and bring Bonnie back. Her previous experience as a county commissioner and ability to conduct due diligence and negotiate fair resolutions for all is the kind of leader we need.

Cindy Leonetti


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