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Islamic extremism spreads

I am concerned about the threat our country and the rest of the world is facing. Mainly the growing, brutal strength of the Islamic extremists.

Almost every terrorist attack, in the past few years, has been caused by these extremists. Our world would basically be peaceful if not for these Islamic extremists. They have twisted their religion to believe that it is within their doctrine to kill, especially Christians, and other non-believers in their faith.

I heard years ago that the goal of Islam was to propagate their religion throughout the world. A few years ago this sounded totally improbable, but now as they have growing influence in almost every country in the world, I am beginning to think that it is not so improbable. I believe there are more supporters of extreme Islam than we know of, including in the United States.

Our nation is so weak, because of our foreign policy, when we need to be strong. Is our government so naive?

Roy Tiefisher

Coeur d’Alene


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