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Feedback: Park plan elicits other ideas for city cash

Fri., June 27, 2014

What a redesigned Riverfront Park may look like.
What a redesigned Riverfront Park may look like.

The first major renovation of Riverfront Park in decades is a step closer to becoming reality after the Spokane Park Board approved the 2014 Riverfront Park Master Plan along with its accompanying funding package last week. The plan, which encompasses $60 million in park improvements, would be funded by a voter-approved bond measure on the Nov. 4 ballot.

We asked our Facebook friends what improvements they’d like to see made to Riverfront Park. Here’s a sampling of their opinions:

‘Denyce Hatch

How about finishing north/south freeway, fixing the roads, and employing more police for the increase in crime?

Anne Marie Miller 

We can spend $60 million in park renovations but we can’t put roofs over the heads of people without them, we can’t provide lunches to school children or feed the hungry.

Brian Levy

How dare we make our city parks nicer so our city can look awesome for all of the festivals and conventions. School lunches are funded by the federal government. We already approved and added 75 police – it takes 18 months to get them in the street. Be patient. And crime in downtown is down significantly since 2012. I know you don’t want to believe that but it’s true.

Konnie Johnson

Some of that money could be well spent if they brought in a farmers market and a big area for food trucks. Creates jobs and revenue for our city. Just makes common sense!

Heather Smith

This is good. I support it but would like to see the master plan before committing funds. Are they bringing in the public for comments and buy in? I also like the idea of a farmers market (why is Spokane’s so small and tucked over by the freeway?).

Susan Wilmoth

I think that it is perfectly family friendly as it stands. Green grass where families can have picnics while they wait for the fireworks on the 4th of July. Easy flowing river to the south and the roaring falls to the north. The park only needs to have maintenance. Simple elegance and family friendly environment. Reduce the parking rates and bring in the families and it will be perfect as it is!

Michele Loyd Davis

I would love to see a beautiful skateboard park that a grandmother would be comfortable to take her young grandson to. Something like the one in Whistler, B.C.

Nick Fromviller

Fix the roads.

Eugene Stephens

What is everyone complaining about? If you don’t like it, vote no. The money has not been spent and will not be spent if it doesn’t pass. If it does pass, that just means more people want it.

Nicole Nelson

Wait, so to improve the park they are tearing down the IMAX, taking out the children’s rides and relocating the ice rink? Way to make a fun park into a pile of crap.

Elise Sletager

Don’t take out the rides! Clean it up and make it a little nicer.

Angela Watson

Totally voting no. This city has its priorities completely twisted. People are way more concerned with aesthetics than quality of life here.

Becky Reilly

The vision had by the Expo ’74 organizers is astounding. Riverfront Park has continued to serve Spokane well over the years. Its enjoyment, the tourist draw to downtown, the events with all their revenue gained each and every year all make supporting the park’s needed renovations a no-brainer. This park is the jewel of our city. Naturally, too, I want to see it shine as it did.

Cory William Bartlett

$60 million dollar renovations and upgrades to Riverfront? Absolutely. Invest in the core of the city and rewards will be boundless. Need evidence? EVERY MAJOR CITY.

Briane Green

Keep rides. They bring us downtown and then we eat and shop. They provide great employment for our youth as well. Love the Park staff.

Rachel Maria

How about we help the homeless youth? What portion of that $60 million can go toward helping those kids?

Jason Heppler

A large science center or an aquarium would be nice and could generate revenue. I would keep the IMAX but maybe upgrade the seats.

Tara Cael

Definitely needs to be done. I say turn it into a river walk. More restaurants and stores on the river but still preserve some of its natural areas.

Angie Hainline

Why remove all of the family fun activities?! There is already NOTHING to do in this city without the voters saying it’s OK to remove more just so everything looks pretty. Why not create more activities for everyone? We are the only city not investing in its families. Most major areas have affordable zoos, aquariums, parks, museums. Spokane has overpriced everything.

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