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Sat., June 28, 2014

Corporations admirable

Corporations are often demonized as faceless exploiters of the masses that make obscene profits. In reality, corporations employ millions of people at competitive market-and talent-based wages. They deliver a safe, ample food supply and energy to our doorsteps. They provide medicines that keep us healthier longer and an incredible array of communications systems. They make everything from crayons and autos to backpacks and doorknobs.

To stay in business, corporations must first be able to provide products and services that people want. Second, these products must be competitively priced. Corporations must also provide a reasonable return to their investors, including individuals, public and private pension funds, educational endowment funds, 401(k) and IRA investments, etc. Plus, contrary to popular belief, they and their employees pay a lot of taxes. All of us benefit.

Corporations in a regulated free enterprise system have made our lives incalculably better. Free enterprise has clothed, housed and fed billions more than thought possible just 40 years ago. If you think them evil, you may be railing against the only hope that countless millions of disenfranchised people have. Remember, almost every net tax dollar paid to the government comes from the private sector.

Steve Clemens

Fairfield, Wash.

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