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Sat., June 28, 2014

Media unfair on guns

It’s shameful that the so-called gun debate is so totally one-sided. Our mainstream media present the gun control lobby’s side of the debate and nothing else.

As an example, syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. devoted his June 9 column to denouncing, making false accusations against, insulting and bashing the National Rifle Association. Pitts usually devotes his columns to mindless rants about nonexistent racism.

Will the media now give the NRA equal space to respond to Pitt’s latest outrage? It’s likely that the hot place will freeze over first.

Adding insult to injury, scores of misguided anti-gun zealots, like Carlos Weber (May 22), continue to propagate disinformation, propaganda and falsehoods. Weber is now promoting Initiative 594, a gun location/registration/eventual confiscation measure that’s being disguised as a gun safety law.

If the American people have a negative view about firearms, the NRA and the Second Amendment, it’s likely because they’re only hearing one side of the story from our media, champions for truth, objectivity and fair play.

Curt Stone

Dayton, Wash.

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