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Sun., June 29, 2014

Who’s investigating Obama?

Until recently, even conservatives like myself conceded that the Nixon administration was among the most corrupt in American history. It was brought down by three young men who may have had far different motivations for their actions.

John Dean, himself mired in Watergate activities, ultimately became a key witness for the prosecution while seeking to lessen his own punishment. Although never granted immunity by Nixon, he testified anyway, implicated himself and was the first Nixon administration official to accuse the president of direct involvement in the cover-up. He served time and was disbarred.

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein may have had other, perhaps ideological motivations for their decision to investigate and write about the Watergate burglary and the administration’s subsequent cover-up. In the final analysis, it really doesn’t matter because they knew that what was going on was bad for the country. History clearly shows that their determination to uncover the cesspool created by the Nixon CRP (Committee to Re-elect the President) led to the only resignation by a U.S. president.

That, considering the multiple issues surrounding the current administration, begs the question: Is there a Dean in the Obama administration, or a Woodward and Bernstein in the mainstream media today?

Keith LaMotte


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