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Mon., June 30, 2014

Can’t blame labor

Oh boy, William Rust (June 4) tells us we can use more trickledown economics if those obstructionist union bosses would get out of the way. Here? In good ol’ right-to-work-for-less-and-less Idaho? A state already at the bottom of the economic barrel and our politicians call it an “anomaly”?

Somehow, if we send a few more million to the unenjoyment line, those remaining will see the light. Too bad it’s not moral or legal to use whips and cattle prods.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker hiked interest rates; the Comex killed prices on commodities and entities. Those are two entities we have no voice or control over. President Reagan blamed labor. When questioned about the loss of our smokestack industry, Reagan replied, “It’s cheaper to import it.”

Import it we did, sending our factories to slave-wage countries so we could import more slave-made goods, paying for it with IOUs. We are trillions in debt and our dollar is shunned world over, bankrupt with scant industry. While unions became weak, labor gave and gave up for the corporate bosses.

Swede Little

Mullan, Idaho

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