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Livestock doesn’t belong

Following the windy days of this past week, I now have a blanket of chicken feathers in my yard from the untidy chicken coops of several of my neighbors. As I understand it, this is only the beginning of what I am to expect thanks to the Spokane City Council’s misguided direction.

Residents will soon be able to expand their menagerie of livestock to double the current chicken limits, plus add goats, pigs and God-knows-what else into the equation. If I had wanted to experience the thrilling side effects of livestock ownership, including the feathers and the odors, flies, vermin, noise, etc., that is all to come, I would have moved to the country.

To think the citizens of Spokane are having this foisted upon them with nary a public vote is so unacceptable. Many friends aren’t even aware this is happening. Raising livestock in a city environment where lot sizes are small, neighbors are close and people don’t have a clue about farm management is a recipe for disaster.

I predict this will get visibly and emotionally very ugly before all is put right.

Connie McKnight



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