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Follow science, not politics

I found Charles Krauthammer’s Feb. 22 column to be very disingenuous. The truth is that, as President Obama said, the debate is settled. Climate change is a fact. The scientific community is in as close to unanimous agreement about that as they can possibly be.

What is unsettled is what kinds of effects this will have on our environment and how drastically it might change our world. Krauthammer confuses politics, where you start with what you want the truth to be and work backwards to find facts, or people to support it, with science, where you start with an open mind and try to find facts and develop an understanding from that.

We don’t have a complete understanding of how our world is going to change because of climate change. But rest assured that our climate is changing, and I would not want to bet the lives and happiness of future generations on those changes being minor.

Galen Goertzen



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