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Sun., March 2, 2014

Math majors maligned

I was once again sorely disappointed in The Spokesman-Review’s slanted article. If your blatantly biased paper continues to print stories that unfairly bash mathematicians, I will be forced to cancel my subscription. (See the Feb. 15 article “Massive snowball breaks dorm wall,” involving math majors at Reed College.)

These misguided young folks performed a stunt that was an obvious cry for attention and help from a society that continues to shun those who practice their craft. Besides, have you seen the squalid living conditions these students have to live in? Perhaps this was a political statement and was the only way their plight could gain attention. Did anyone even bother to ask the students what their motives were?

Why did the article have to mention not once, but twice, that these students were math majors? Was the author bullied by a mathematician at a young age? If they were journalism majors would you print “journalism students cause damage in act of hooliganism”?

Come on Spokesman, let’s start having some fair and balanced news reporting. How about an article, “Mathematicians help blind duckling cross road while at same time solving a differential equation”?

Greg Cripe


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