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No winners with polarization

I can understand how Roy Tiefisher was feeling when he wrote his letter, “If only it was Romney (Feb. 22).” It is hard when your guy loses and you must live with the other. I did that for eight years with President George W. Bush.

I experienced and paid for wars I detested, watched the deficit grow because of unwarranted tax cuts, watched the economy collapse and the rich get bailed out by the poor, and special privilege go to people who seemed undeserving.

But it was their turn, and I tried to be a loyal opponent. Most others like me did the same. But when our turn came, Republicans not only tried to spoil things for us, they have pretty much succeeded. The health care law is a Republican idea, but Republicans are using all of their fury against it. Over and over, the president has tried to be bipartisan by adopting Republican ideas and has been fought at every turn. Of course we have polarization.

We don’t like it. Republicans don’t like it. Nobody wins. We can and should do better.

Allan deLaubenfels

Spokane Valley


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