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Ben Cochran will direct Rogers football

Ben Cochran moves from assistant coach to head coach at Rogers High School. (Dan Pelle)
Ben Cochran moves from assistant coach to head coach at Rogers High School. (Dan Pelle)

As expected, Rogers High stayed inside to fill its head football coaching vacancy.

Ben Cochran has been named to replace Matt Miethe, who resigned this winter to become an assistant offensive line coach at Whitworth University.

“Ben is the right person for this job, he is extremely passionate and truly cares for our kids,” Rogers athletic director Jennifer Harmer said.

Cochran was one of four candidates interviewed. Harmer declined to name the other candidates, saying they were from out of town.

“We had a different situation. We didn’t have a teaching job attached to the position,” Harmer said. “And Miethe is staying here.”

Prior to moving to Spokane, Cochran, 35, was an assistant four years at Lincoln in Tacoma. One of those years he was the interim head coach.

“We’re doing a lot of cool stuff in the offseason in the weight room,” Cochran said. “It’s good momentum building things. We have a good junior class and we’re looking forward to our schedule changing.”

Miethe, who endorsed Cochran, is overjoyed with the selection.

“Above all the coaches I’ve worked with all the years, he’s the most ready to be a head coach,” Miethe said.

Cochran was hired late as an assistant at Rogers two years ago. After Miethe discovered what he had in Cochran, he promoted him to varsity defensive coordinator this year.

“The biggest difference between Ben and other guys is he’s got a heart and he loves kids first and then he coaches football,” Miethe said. “Sometimes we make our love for the game and the focus on detail get in the way of the kids we’ve need to care for.”

Cochran is a Portland native, but he and his wife have family in Spokane.

He’s looking forward to the challenge.

“I’m stepping in for a great coach,” Cochran said. “It was great coaching with Matt here.”

Harmer said the community has noticed Cochran’s involvement already in the program.

“He has already put in countless hours building our weight program after school and seeking grants to help our student athletes be successful,” Harmer said. “I feel he will make our community proud.”

Cochran said he plans to mix things up. He’s having all of the previous assistants re-apply for positions.

He will continue to coach the defense and plans to change the offense to incorporate multiple formations, some spread schemes and some option schemes.