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Tue., March 4, 2014

Career choice isn’t singular

End of high school hits, and expectations slingshot from all directions. You’re their target. The pressure of relatives, friends, parents, teachers, the whole of society and, most importantly, yourself, tells you to decide and succeed on a single career path.

Personally, volumes of opposing views made me more unsure and afraid. The process was further convoluted by the supposed individual merit a career provides in wages, reliability and status. “Get it together! This is your life we’re talking about!” But the more I looked into single, perpetual, realistic choices, the less exciting those singular choices became.

We should stop believing there’s only one option, and breathe. Changing one’s mind later doesn’t make that person a failure. In fact, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics economist Chuck Pierret, after interviewing 10,000 individuals on their job stability over time, determined that these Americans have held 10.8 jobs on average between ages 18-42.

Recognize that whatever you choose isn’t the end of all you’ll be. Your career might define certain aspects of your life, but in no way does it confine you to a single occupation. Awareness, the best choice your future will thank you for.

Diana Smith

Coeur d’Alene

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