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The Slice: Nixon or Garvey: Who do you boo?

Sure, it’s pure fantasy.

But if you were born too late or simply did not live in the Spokane area at the time, there is a time-travel choice to be made.

If you could go back, would you rather spend time at Expo ’74 or be around for the Spokane Indians’ 1970 season?

Let’s examine a few of the arguments in favor of each choice.

Expo: You could attend multiple memorable concerts.

Indians: It would be your chance to see what some consider one of the best minor league baseball teams of all time.

Expo: You could soak in all the beguiling accents.

Indians: You could sit in the stands and confidently declare, “You know, I think a lot of these guys are going to wind up playing for the Dodgers very soon.”

Expo: You could tell tourists that the downtown waterfalls were installed just for the fair.

Indians: Because AAA baseball is a much longer season than Class A, you could make a summer of attending games.

Expo: You could boo Richard Nixon.

Indians: You could boo Steve Garvey.

Expo: You could meet and vigorously date captivating people from around the world.

Indians: If you are female and comfortable with a certain morally casual attitude, you might canoodle with future big-leaguers.

Expo: You could dine on exotic cuisine.

Indians: You could eat hot dogs and razz Tommy Lasorda when he walked to the mound to change pitchers.

OK, your turn.

Reader challenge: In 25 words or less, describe your idea for a set-in-Spokane TV series.

It can be a comedy, action/adventure, police procedural, something dark and gritty — you name it.

The entry deadline is a week from today. Include a daytime phone number.

First prize will be a coveted reporter’s notebook. Second prize will be lunch with your old pal, Uncle Slice.

Warm-up question: Would those who are afraid of air travel feel better about flying if they could buy tickets on an airline whose fleet consisted of B-17s and B-24s?

Today’s Slice question: If, instead of New Orleans, Spokane Valley was the center of the Mardi Gras universe, how would today be different around here?

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