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Sarsfield House unprotected

Perhaps Spokane County Commissioner Al French’s reluctance to fill the positions on the Landmark Commission is because he is uncomfortable with anything that he can’t manipulate.

Adjoining property rights? Wemco can destroy the Congdons’ home. Were their rights dismissed?

Did not the commissioners rob the Congdons’ property rights by allowing this monstrosity to be built? It will take some hard convincing to believe the Growth Management Act has not been breached by allowing the permits in the first place. I propose this evident manipulation of GMA be challenged in Olympia. Possibly French is unable to read specs or blueprints.

Was it suitable for commissioners, one a developer, to approve such a development? When the 300,000 square-foot light industrial building starts production, I hope the toasters, air conditioners and toy airplane propellers produced won’t exceed decibel levels and air pollution standards.

Seems to me someone with bigger britches than French and the Landmark Commission better step in and investigate why this was allowed in the first place. By the way, I’d like to sign up for the Landmarks Commission. I could sit in until French finds someone more comfortable.

Dinah Carlson



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