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Thu., March 6, 2014

Questions abut levy election

Hey, property owners! March 11 is the election date for the West Bonner County School District levy. Here are some questions one should ask:

How could the school district specify what they need when the Legislature has not yet appropriated funds for this year? They don’t yet know what the need is.

Did our school board inspect this levy request with an eye to cutting costs because of tough economic times? Where is that report? We have asked for an independent analysis of what the movement to core standards will cost and have heard nothing, which shows little regard for other people’s money.

We wish to point out that what much of this levy money will cover is the very things that were voted down in Propositions 1, 2 and 3. Under “staffing,” it will cover teacher evaluations (Prop 1), teacher pay-for-performance or discretionary bonuses (Prop 2), and enhanced technology (Prop 3).

Voters have already spoken. When 77 percent of all the money goes to teachers, administrators, their benefits and, in turn, the teachers unions, we know they don’t really listen. And, this is not for the children.

Doug Paterson

Priest River, Idaho

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