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Feedback: What are your favorite parts of Bloomsday?

Fri., March 7, 2014

Start to finish, Bloomsday’s hard to beat

What are your favorite parts of Bloomsday?

Ashley Smith

The finish line

Tabatha M Reid

Drag queens

Andrew Nolan

Sleeping in and not running it

John S Pardee

When it’s over

Heidi Hanson Martin

Crossing the finish line

Mike Copler

Satellite Diner or Knockaderry for breakfast after

Lara Jones

(1) How strong you get to feel while training, and (2) finishing and feeling that surge of pride and triumph. Bloomsday is awesome. (Also love the bands along the way, and the clothes in the trees, and the nuns and everything else.)

Amber Hunnicutt Malquist

The energy you feel from all of the participants.

Cheryl McKee

Families sharing the excitement and their pride in Spokane while welcoming others to the fun.

Carol Asmus

Being a part of it, the crowd, the people cheering you on, and of course the finish line!

Sandy Graf

All of it!

Cindy Geib

Big crowd phobia but I love watching it on TV!

Nancy Sanchez

Watching the runners as they pound down the street at the end of my block!

Elizabeth Devilleneuve

The excitement of crowd, and getting past Doomsday Hill

Adina Schneider-Eichorst

The energetic atmosphere!

Amanda Vandenberg

The after race beer and burgers

Katie Scott

You can walk the whole thing!

Juan Ramirez-Gonzalez

Organized chaos, logistics and tourism

Barbara Culp

When it’s over! Whew! Kills me every year!


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