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The Slice: Nowhere to run, no one to blame

Now accepting stories of memorably awkward elevator rides.

Fortunately, if it happened here, it probably didn’t last long.

Let’s move on.

Re: dirty jokes: “As one who gets disapproving looks from my wife when I tell off-color jokes, I can relate to the punch line that stays with you (last Friday’s Slice),” wrote Keith Hegg. “I have two golf buddies, and we have retold to each other and others a somewhat absurd off-color joke about an insensitive husband with marital problems talking with a marriage counselor. It is always told on the golf course and ends with ‘I golf on Fridays.’ It has become kind of an affirmation of our commitment to getting together for our regular game.

“We do get strange looks from others around us as we laugh at just repeating the punch line. Then, of course, we have to retell the joke to anyone who had joined us.

“It’s almost to the point where we are like old friends who have numbered their favorite jokes and then laugh at just the number being spoken (as short hand) in place of the joke.”

Slice answer: “The moment I knew I had married the right person?” wrote Leonna Bowers. “When he voluntarily (without any suggesting or prompting) reloaded the toilet paper dispenser. It was early in our married life that I knew I had a keeper.”

Kidspeak that stuck: “When our niece, Jenny, was young, she apparently confused her nursery stories with her food,” wrote Linda Hall. “Now that she has a toddler of her own, she has probably forgotten this. But her uncle and I still eat Campbell’s ‘Chicken Little Soup.’ ”

Slice answer: “I cannot tell you the number of times my wife has told me to call up friends after a get together and apologize for being rude,” wrote Bob Isitt.

He contends the friends invariably say they have no idea what he is talking about.

“So now, to avoid late night phone calls, I make it a habit to apologize as we leave the home for any perceived rudeness on my part.”

Today’s Slice question: Ever said “Put it on my tab”?

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