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Sat., March 8, 2014, midnight

Refusal of service justified

It’s well known a conscientious objector can be deferred from military service. We understand this special dispensation is given due to a deep personal belief war is morally wrong.

Yet, the government seems unwilling to do the same for objecting wedding cake makers who refuse to bake for lesbian and gay couples because they believe homosexual marriage deviates sharply from what is morally correct.

Some liken such objection to refusing serving of blacks at a lunch counter. This is incorrect because the very act of marriage between homosexuals is the objection, and the cake symbolizes celebration of that act.

Forcing people to work, to produce a product to celebrate that which they vehemently oppose, amounts to nothing less than involuntary servitude, yet the left will tell you they adamantly oppose involuntary servitude. Punishing the objectors is political coercion and equals state-sponsored racketeering.

Becky McPherson

Valley, Wash.

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