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Respect our flag

I am a vet with 27 years of active duty. The flag of the United States was always carried, displayed and handled with respect and reverence.

I noticed that the best of the best, Team USA, and some of the spectators seem to think the U.S. flag is just one of a lot of other flags that were at the Olympics. I noticed that our flag was displayed as a banner hung over railings, used as a cape to drape over one’s shoulders, used as one would use a towel. I noticed spectators who had clothing on that almost looked like it was made out of a flag.

In the photo in the Feb. 24 Spokesman-Review, it seemed that the person chosen to carry the flag of the United States was tired, preoccupied, disinterested or thinking about the party later, and the flag was not carried straight and proud but over the shoulder and looked like it was dragging on the ground.

Am I being just an old man, overly critical and behind the times? Has the flag of the United States of America become just another one of many? Am I one of the last dinosaurs?

William Robinson



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