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Sun., March 9, 2014, midnight

Don’t shop with dogs

I like dogs. I just don’t enjoy shopping with them. I have found myself faced with dogs in a variety of stores, from grocery to hardware to Macy’s.

Certainly, true service dogs are allowed, but I am talking about the common pet. I asked someone in every grocery store from Argonne Street past Sullivan Street. In each, I was told that a person with a dog can only be asked once and no paperwork, tags etc. need be produced.

Dogs that aren’t trained service dogs can cause messes, snip at someone, be aggressive or just plain annoying. What about people who are allergic? Why aren’t there regulations in place to protect non-dog shoppers? It seems that those of us who do not choose to shop with a dog should have something to say, and some rights. However, the opposite seems to be true. There are places for pets, but I don’t believe a store is that place.

Pets belong at home, not in the grocery cart, produce section or ladies clothing.

Kathie Kayler

Spokane Valley

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