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GOP tax plan a joke

This is their proposal? The Republicans want to change the tax code? Those earning up to $75,000 will pay 10 percent. From there up to $450,000, people will get a 14.5 percent tax cut. Such a deal! The surtax above $450,000 will cost the super-rich an additional 10 percent.

What a joke. We all know they have access to offshore accounts, banks and investments not available to the rest of us to keep them under the taxable amount. Another Wall Street windfall, and Main Street gets the shaft.

Even our beloved Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers will get a 14.5 percent tax cut on her $174,000 income. Both she and her husband have been living off the taxpayers long enough. Time to go back to the fruit stand and make an honest living. I don’t see how she and her talking heads can look in the mirror and not feel guilty while the poor, women, children and less fortunate of her own district do without because of the voting she does on our behalf. Their heart is going to get as big as a pea.

We need to wise up next November and, as the old saying goes, “get rid of the bums.”

Ed Hollow

Spokane Valley


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