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Sun., March 9, 2014

Romney? Not that again

Roy Tiefisher’s letter (Feb. 22) expresses complete misinformation; clearly he gets all of his information from Fox News or Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. He stated we would be better off with Mitt Romney, who wanted to continue the same Grand Old Party economic policies as President George W. Bush.

As reported by The Spokesman-Review over the last five years, the economic crash began in 2007 under the Bush administration, as evidenced by record federal deficit, crash of taxable retail sales, crash of new hires, new home sales (major fuel of healthy economy) and loss of 700,000 jobs per month during the summer. The recession under Bush was so severe it extended far into President Obama’s administration, as every economic metric trend line shows (counter Cathyville and Fox rhetoric).

Healthy Obama policies have put us on healthy economic footing. Now, remember all of the GOP predictions of total doom if we elected Obama? Despite the Bush Troubled Asset Relief Program mostly being sent overseas by the banks and not used to recharge the credit market as intended, Obama has put the economy on a recovery track, as all real economists have consistently reported.

Try listening to the real economists on CNBC, the London Financial Times or even The Spokesman-Review.

Ed Terhaar


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