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Voter’s weapon to fire

The country’s being taken apart, piece by piece, and our elected officials are doing nothing to stop it. The voters must have a way to fight back – those paying attention, that is – and save our beloved country, soon. You don’t have to ask for what I’m proposing; you already have that right as the employer. Use it.

Don’t, however, tell me the government will be flooded with outcries; demands to fire someone. They might eventually, if things get dire. But there’s ways to control that body.

If the tea party and others want to know how, I could happily explain: within our existing laws. Knowing these politicians can be fired by their voters at any time would, one day, make them do a better job – uncorrupted.

We have that right, so let’s do it. It’s the only weapon given to us to use, but it’s a very powerful one.

Joseph Cifka


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