March 12, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Vote to save animals


Why didn’t this bill fail when it logically should have? (“Ag-gag bill cruises through Idaho House,” The Spokesman-Review, Feb. 27). Answer: 11 Republicans voted yes. One lone Democrat voted no.

If you’re an animal lover or just a compassionate human being who does not want animals suffering abuse at the hands of slaughterhouse and factory farm workers, you need to vote these non-caring, apathetic representatives out of office. Instead, vote those in who care about similar issues as you; basic humane treatment of animals in the food industry.

The only way we’re going to change companies conducting business as usual is implementing laws protecting animals from blatant, industrywide, accepted abuse, not implementing laws covering up abuse. For those right now writing a rebuttal to my letter, know that I am not talking about killing of the animals, I’m talking about industrywide, daily abuse of animals in these businesses’ care. If businesses have nothing to hide, why would they have a problem with cameras? No different than cameras in day cares and schools protecting children.

The time has come for the United States, especially Idaho, to join the 21st century. We, as a nation, can be so much better than this.

Tia Rosetti-Mills

Newman Lake

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